Lessons for Living Well

For Teachers

What is Lessons for Living Well?

Lessons for Living Well is the online student component of ‘Eating Well, Living Well: Nutrition Education for Adult ESL.’ The site is free. Students can complete this lesson online.

The purpose of Lessons for Living Well is to help adult ESL learners gain knowledge and take steps towards making healthier food choices.

Who is it designed for?

The lesson is designed for Intermediate and above level adult ESL learners with basic computer literacy skills.

What are the lessons about?

The first lesson developed is Fast Food: Healthy Choices. In this lesson, students:

What will my students see and do in the lesson?

The main sections of the lesson are:

How can the lesson be used?

The lesson is very simple. There is no up-front registration requirement. The Final Quiz does ask for a sign-in name if students wish to receive a score. Students may also choose to email their teacher a copy of their healthy choices plan. The lesson can be completed in about 1-2 hours. The lesson can be used in several ways.

Some Forms You Can Use Now!

Here are some forms you can download and print to use in your classroom or lab. You can download a Word (Word file) or PDF (PDF file) version.

If you decide to assign the lesson, take the time to review it yourself.

In addition to Lessons for Living Well, 'Eating Well, Living Well' also has 26+ classroom lessons, online teacher training for nutrition education in Adult ESL, and a wide range of other teacher resources. For more information about ‘Eating Well, Living Well,’ visit our main website.

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