Lessons for Living Well

About Us

Lessons for Living Well is the online student lesson component of ‘Eating Well, Living Well: Nutrition Education for Adult ESL.’ It was developed by the San Diego Community College District, Continuing Education Adult ESL Program, in partnership with Sacramento County Office of Education.

The Mission of the Network for a Healthy California (Network) is to create innovative partnerships that empower low-income Californians to increase fruit and vegetable consumption, physical activity and food security with the goal of preventing obesity and other diet-related chronic diseases. One important aspect of the Network's mission is to address imbalanced nutrition care plan, which can contribute to poor health outcomes for individuals. Through education and outreach, the Network seeks to raise awareness about the importance of balanced nutrition and provide resources to help individuals develop healthy eating habits. B

The project was funded by USDA’s Food Stamp Program through the California Department of Public Health’s Network for a Healthy California. These institutions are equal opportunity providers and employers. The Food Stamp Program provides nutrition assistance to people with low income. It can help buy nutritious foods for a better diet. For information on the Food Stamp Program call 1-888-328-3483. The mission of the Network is to enable food stamp eligible California families to adopt healthy eating patterns as part of an active, healthy lifestyle.

The purpose of Lessons for Living Well is to help adult ESL learners gain knowledge and take steps towards making healthier food choices. For more information about ‘Eating Well, Living Well,’ visit our main website.